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super easy pool maintenance

pHin monitors your water quality 24/7, notifies you on your smartphone when you need to add chemicals, and ships you premeasured doses of chemicals when you need them. All you do is drop in the color-coded pods, it’s as easy as Monitor, Notify, Drop.


monitor water quality

pHin gives you confidence in your water quality by adding the exact amount of chemicals needed so there’s no worry about over-chemicalized water. You can always be confident that your pool or hot tub is ready for you and safe for your family.


there for you when you need help

The pHin network of pool service experts is just one button press away.Whether it’s for cleaning, repairs, or just questions, pHin is there for you.With simple pre-negotiated rates, one-button scheduling and real-time customer feedback, you can ensure you’re getting the best local experts on demand, whenever needed, now that’s convenient!

How It Works

Key Features

Confidence in your Pool

Monitor pH, chlorine, total alkalinity, total hardness and cyanuric acid from anywhere in the world.

Accurate Sensors

Lab grade sensors and no moving parts give consistent and reliable readings.

Everything You Need

The subscription price includes the monitor, the mobile app, AND your basic chemicals: Chlorine, pH increaser and pH reducer. All for about the same price you pay today for the chemicals alone.

Easy Care

Easy monthly subscription plan means that we're always there for you to make pool care easy. We'll also ship you upgraded hardware automatically, at no extra charge.

Specialty Chemicals

If your pool or hot tub ever needs any specialty chemicals, such as algaecide, we'll ship you what you need at a discounted price.

Service on Demand

Get expert help when you need it but only pay for it when you want it. No need to pay someone year-round if you just need a quick pool cleaning or pump repair.

Why use pHin?

pHinDo it Yourself
24/7 monitoring of your water chemistry
Premeasured chemical pods
Remote monitoring of your pool or hot tub
Chemicals shipped to your door
Network of service professionals
Buying test kits for weekly maintenance
Manual testing weekly
Driving to pickup chemicals

Compare pHin at about the same cost as doing it yourself

Pre-order your pHin today

  • Works with pools & hot tubs
  • Supports chlorine, salt, & bromine.
  • Includes 12 months of chemicals along with the pHin smart monitor, mobile app, and wifi bridge.
  • Also available as a 4 month seasonal subscription for those who winterize their pool.
Starting at:$299/yr

Top Questions

When is pHin going to begin shipping?

We started shipping pHin to our chlorine pool members in July and are working around the clock to get your pHin to you as quickly as possible. We will update you via email about when you can expect to receive your pHin.

This costs the same as just paying for chemicals alone, what's the catch?

We work directly with the chemical manufacturers to get wholesale prices, and we don’t have to pay rent for physical stores. We use the savings to give you great technology at great prices.

What will the price be for future years?

At this point we can't guarantee what our pricing will be for 2017, but we expect it to remain relatively similar to our 2016 regular price. Of course, we'll always try to reward our early preorder customers as much as we can.

Does pHin work with salt water pools?

Yes. Salt water pools usually require much more acid than fresh water pools, and you still need to monitor your chlorine levels - pHin takes care of both of those tasks for you, and even ships you what you need, whenever you need it! In addition salt water generators become ineffective when your water temperature drops below 60 degrees. pHin will monitor your water temperature, alert you if your water temperature drops, and automatically ship you any necessary chlorine.

My Hot Tub shares the same water as my pool, do I need two pHin Smart Monitors?

No. If they share the same pump and filter, one pHin will do the job.

How do pHin memberships work?

We currently offer two memberships: an annual membership that runs for 12 months, and a seasonal membership for 4 months (for those who drain or winterize their pool during the off-season). Seasonal members that purchase pHin during the pool season can carry over any unused months to the next season. For members that need more than 4 months, but less than an annual membership, you can simply add on extra months as needed at the discounted rate of $39/month. Please note that if you don’t winterize or drain your pool for the off-season, and you keep it open, just not heated or in use, then you should sign up for the annual membership, which will ensure that the chemicals stay balanced - once they get out of balance, it’s much harder and more expensive to get them back where they need to be.

What chemicals are included?

Chlorine (or Bromine for Hot Tubs), shock, pH increaser, and pH decreaser.

If you are interested in labels and Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for our products, click here.

What about opening and closing my pool?

If you winterize your pool, we have two options for opening and closing your pool. You can simply tap on a button in our mobile app to have a service technician come to your house and open or close your pool; or if you prefer to do it yourself, we can send you opening and closing chemicals at a discounted price.

I'm a pool service company or would like to recommend one to join the pHin Service Network.

We’re building our pool service network and would love to have you on board. Please use this link to join or recommend someone now!

What type of payment methods are accepted?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and Amex.