Continuous Water Monitoring is
More Effective and Reliable

pHin monitors your water 24/7 and tests it 144x per day. That’s over 1,000 times more than usual!

Our algorithm interprets the results to give you better water quality readings so that you add the right amount of chemicals to your pool or hot tub.

Your Water Quality at a Glance


Knowing your pool is healthy shouldn't require a chemistry degree. The pHin App uses a simple color-changing disc to indicate your water quality.

Automatic App Notifications

Relax and enjoy your water.

pHin will alert you when you need to adjust your chemicals and let you know exactly how much of which chemical to use.

Takes the Guesswork Out of Your Chemicals

Scan any supported chemical’s barcode and the pHin app will calculate exactly how much to add to your water.

You never need to worry about overchlorinated or out of balance water again.

pHin supports most major brands including:

pHin Automated Monitoring
Gives Peace of Mind

pHin’s continuous monitoring and notifications help you catch imbalances before they become problems. You’ll never have to wonder whether your water is safe for your family and friends, and time in the water can be fun, not work.

Includes 1-Year Monitoring Service

When you buy your pHin monitor, you get your first year of the pHin Monitoring Service for free. After the first year, the Monitoring Service costs $99 a year. The Monitoring Service includes:

  • Water history charts
  • Easy, accurate chemical dosing directions
  • Alerts for when attention is needed
  • Tests for total alkalinity, total hardness, and cyanuric acid monthly or as needed
  • Shareable water data for in-person help or to order new chemicals at your favorite pool store
  • Unlimited pHin monitor replacement warranty