3 Alternatives For Your Salt Water Pool Filter

3 Alternatives For Your Salt Water Pool Filter

When considering a new type of salt water pool filter, there are few main types to consider: sand, cartridge and diatomaceous earth (D.E). This article will cover their unique advantages and applications to create a better swimming environment for your salt water pool.

Sand Pool Filter

Sand filtration is the most common filter in salt water pools, as it is the most affordable option for residential and commercial areas. It is capable of using pool sand as well as different alternatives to sand that work extremely well with salt water systems to help your pool become crystal clear.

Cartridge Filters

A cartridge filter system provides mid-level filtration. They are most commonly used for residential pools, as they are easy to replace. The filter system itself is simple to operate, and the cartridges are relatively inexpensive, as they are sold in multi-packs for affordability and convenience.

D.E. Pool Filters

If you’re looking for an option to turn your pool into a luxury pool, look toward D.E filters. D.E Filters give your pool a thorough screening, due to a low to average usage and their ability to filter down to 5 microns. However, they require a monthly backwash and some systems can be sometimes complicated for pool owners.

To find the best filter that fits your schedule and budget, you can go for cheaper options for less labor on both maintenance and filtering, or invest some money for better filtering systems for the cost of more time and work. No matter which filter you choose, remember to check the balance of your water chemistry so that your pool can have a head start on cleanliness. If you want to make pool care easier, check out pHin. This smart device helps you monitor your water and alerts your smartphone when it’s time to balance it. It’s an easy solution to get you started on better water maintenance.

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