3 Ways Smart Technology Makes Water Balance Easy

3 Ways Smart Technology Makes Water Balance Easy

A pool or hot tub can be an oasis – if the water is clear and safe. A perfect morning can start with a freshly brewed cup of coffee, enjoyed poolside in the sunshine. Summer evenings are best spent with friends and a cocktail, supported by pool noodles or fun floaties, even with a cupholder. An afternoon swim can reduce tension, or a nightly soak in the hot tub can melt a stressful day away.

But if the water balance is off, hot tubs and pools can quickly become dangerous for swimming and relaxing.

Most pool and hot tub owners aren’t water experts. Balancing pH, sanitizer, and managing chemical doses often requires professional expertise to ensure safe water. But new intelligence and algorithms are making the water balance equation simple for any family, for peace of mind, alerts, and helpful tips whether they manage their own water or rely on a professional.

The pHin Smart Monitor floats in the water, and automatically measures the pH, sanitizer, and temperature up to 1,000 times per week. The device is made smart with built-in analytics, that it simplifies to make water balance understandable and more manageable.

Here are 3 ways pHin transforms your pool and hot tub water care routine:

1.            Real-Time Alerts: Since pHin monitors your water 24/7, you can expect to receive an alert about your water balance the second it needs attention on the smartphone app or via email. You can also use the app to check in on your water temperature before you jump in.

2.            Color-Coded Guide: Tables and charts can be hard to understand. pHin simplifies water balance with a color-coded system: Blue for safe water, Orange means you need to check the water, and Red means the water isn’t safe.

3.            A Chemist in Your Pocket: Instead of having to calculate how much chemicals you need to add, pHin syncs up with the size of your pool or hot tub and the chemical brand you prefer, and gives you simple, easy dosing instructions.

pHin provides simplicity and peace-of-mind for pool care. Whether you manage your own water or work with a professional, the alerts keep you informed about your water balance, so you always know when it’s safe for swimming, relaxing, and fun. And, if you have a pool technician – they can use pHin too to check on your water from anywhere – the information helps them prepare and intervene sooner when the water needs attention.

pHin is compatible with chlorine, saltwater, and bromine water systems.

Start a new water care routine for more balanced days. Learn more about pHin here.

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