6 Key Benefits Of Hot Tub Therapy

6 Key Benefits Of Hot Tub Therapy

Hot tub therapy doesn’t have any strict process to follow. It's as simple as turning on your hot tub and jumping right in!

This type of therapy can be a great resource to improve your overall health and well-being. Here are the top 6 benefits you can experience while practicing hot tub therapy:

Reduced stress

Studies have shown that immersing yourself in warm water reduces the hormones related to stress, and causes physical changes to your body resulting in relaxation and anxiety reduction. Try taking a soak and meditating in your hot tub for a cognitive boost!

Comfort for your muscles

Your hot tub equipment also plays a role in relieving your muscles. People love to sit in front of the water jets, due to the light massage they receive that stimulates their skin and muscles. You experience increased circulation for your blood, which helps bring important nutrients to your muscle tissue, this speeding up healing and improving pain relief. The water’s natural buoyancy also relieves pressure in your muscles, and even the tiny air bubbles in the water can activate certain positive reflexes for comfort.

 Joint pain relief

People with joint pain can find the best kind of relief from being buoyant in water. Individuals who suffer from chronic arthritic pain or sports-related injuries can also turn to hot tub therapy to restore and preserve joint strength and flexibility. One hot soak can relieve muscle soreness through the faster dispersion of lactic acid in areas of stress, and improve overall health.

Combatting Insomnia

A quick soak in your hot tub before bed can actually aid you if you experience trouble sleeping. The hot water will leave you mentally and emotionally relaxed, and once you exit the water, your body’s core internal thermostat drops, signaling to your body that it’s time to sleep.

Improved heart health

Recent studies have shown that relaxing in a hot tub increases your heart rate and lowers your blood pressure. One good soak can actually be beneficial to improve overall heart muscle efficiency.

Diabetic Therapy

Hot tub therapy has been known to reduce blood sugar levels and in some cases, individuals with diabetic symptoms have been able to actually reduce their insulin intake through this therapy.


If you want to ensure both you and your hot tub stay healthy and mindful, keep your tub balanced with pHin. It constantly monitors your water and tells your smartphone what you need to do to keep the water in your pool and hot tub healthy. Use it with your own chemicals for flexibility or get our single-dose, pre-measured chemicals delivered to your door. If you need someone to service your equipment, Pool Service on Demand connects you to local, qualified pool techs.

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