A pHin Smart Pool is a Happy Pool

A pHin Smart Pool is a Happy Pool

A pHin Smart Pool is a Happy Pool

Summer is every pool owner’s favorite time of year. It’s the season to sit back and relax while enjoying a quick dip in the comfort of your own backyard. That being said, no one wants to constantly monitor and maintain the one thing that’s supposed to ease their stress.

pHin is helping people across the country enjoy their pool or hot tub absolutely stress-free. There are several things that draw people to the Smart Water Care solution, but all can appreciate one common attribute: perfectly balanced water. As Sean L. put it “The one bad thing about owning a swimming pool has been solved!! People hate maintaining their pool! pHin has you covered. It will track and keep your water in 100% balance.”

What makes pHin the Smart Water Care solution?

Safe Water

With the help of pHin, you can wake up confident that you’ll have a perfectly balanced pool with safe water ready for friends and family, just like Michael A. here, who had shared a photo of his pool “Beautiful water 2 days after receiving my @getpHin monitor!” And depending on your package, there’s no more worrying about adding too many chemicals, because pHin will provide the exact amount of each chemical needed to keep your pool or hot tub’s water perfectly balanced all the time.

Remote Monitoring

pHin allows you to keep an eye on your water chemistry all day, every day, with the smart monitor notifying the mobile app when chemicals are low or out of balance. And you’ll have a handy record for yourself or your pool tech. pHin user Joseph from Illinois said, “I like that I can see the results easily on an app with data and charts.”

No More Guesswork

With the ease of pHin’s chemical delivery service, all you have to do is decide how long you want to soak in your pool. William E. from Miami had shared, “I was amazed that about two weeks after starting the program, a box arrived with replenishment chemicals all on its own without having to ask for them.” A predictive algorithm tracks chemical usage over time, so pHin knows what you’ll need and ships the right set of pre-measured, single-dose chemicals right to your door.

Yes, it’s the complete solution, flexible to meet your needs. Just Monitor, Notify, Add.

Pool Service On Demand

Whether it’s for cleaning, repairs or general questions, qualified local experts are just a button click away. Use the mobile app or send a request through www.poolservice.co to connect to our nationwide pool service tech network whenever you need help.

And It’s Pet Friendly!

pHin helps ensure that your pool or hot tub is perfectly balanced and safe for you and your loved ones. Even your pets, who may like to swim as much as you do! Just ask Randy O. from Dallas whose furry friend, Ajay Mae loves cooling off in the pool.

For stress-free pool care, consider a pHin smart monitor.

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