How to Raise pH in a Pool

pH is one of the most (if not the most) important factors that go into maintaining healthy pool water. pH measures your water’s acidity / base levels, and can be affected by a variety of things, like rain, tap water, chemicals, dust, sunscreen, etc. pH levels fall within the following ranges: Acceptable (7.2-7.8) Corrosive (0-7.1) […]

How to Clean your Pool After a Pool Party

It’s pretty obvious how to clean your house after a house party, but have you ever thought about how to clean your pool after a pool party? It’s no surprise that your water chemistry gets thrown out of whack when an influx of deodorant sunscreen-covered people take a dip in the pool, often tracking dirt […]

Wireless Pool Chemical Monitors Make Pool Maintenance Easy

Many pool owners test pool chemicals themselves with a pool test kit. Although test kits are efficient, wireless pool chemical monitors determine the correct amount of chemicals to keep pool water healthy and safe without having to measure it yourself. Wireless pool chemical monitors such as pHin are making pool owners’ lives easier and ensuring […]