Can’t Keep Up? Here’s an Easy 4-Step Schedule for Hot Tub Maintenance

You’ll hear us talk lots about consistency when it comes to hot tub maintenance. If a hot tub is going to be enjoyable then you need a simple maintenance schedule that works with your lifestyle.

If you keep your hot tub chemistry close to balanced, you will use less chemicals overall and minimize the workload. Treating problems or replacing hot tub water requires far more product than most people realize.

By keeping it simple and flexible hot tub care becomes easy and automatic. Each brand of hot tub is unique and may need special care. But here is an easy to use maintenance schedule for any hot tub.

  1. Weekly Walk Around

Some are crazy enough to do a weekly walk around daily. It sounds like a lot, but you’re basically accomplishing this task each time you use your hot tub. So if you skip a hot tub soak that week, be sure to head outside for a quick walk around.

  • Ensure the cover is secure and in place.  
  • Check for power to the display unit and ensure the unit is operational. 
  • Have a look at the temperature to ensure it’s close to the set point.
  • Do a quick walk around looking for any damage.  
  1. Weekly Chemistry Check

There are many choices to ensuring your hot tub water is balanced and sanitized:

  • Most hot tub and pool dealers will check any sample of hot tub water that you bring them.  Ensure you grab a sample from the middle of the hot tub as a best practice.  
  • Use the traditional test strips that check for pH, alkalinity and sanitizer level.  Follow the directions on the package and ensure you grab a sample from the middle of the hot tub.  
  • Use the liquid test kits that unfortunately only tests for sanitizer and pH levels.  

pHin Tip –  rid the Weekly Chemistry check with the pHin.  The pHin device continuously monitors water chemistry (pH, sanitizer levels, alkalinity, and hardness) and notifies you of the adjustments required.  It even ships you the correct amounts of chemicals to add.  

  1. Monthly Love For The Tub

This is a great time to give that hot tub cover a quick wipe down. You don’t want grime from the underside dripping into the water. It’s also time to give that filter the love and care it wants. If you are a frequent hot tub user or just had a party, you’ll want to check that filter more often. But this is a great starting point. 

  • Open the filter well and pull out the filter.
  • Ensure the filter(s) are in good shape.
  • Rinse the filter with water and replace. Or if grimy, a 24-hour soak in a chemical cleaner is in order.  

pHin Tip –  it’s wise to have a spare filter. If one needs cleaning then replace it with your spare filter and clean the dirty one when you have time.  

  1. Quarterly Water Replacement

You’ll want to replace the water in your hot tub every three months or so. Again, with frequent use or a party of any sort, you’ll want to replace the water more often.

  • Using a system purge at this stage is a habit that will keep your hot tub plumbing free of build up.  Add a hot tub specific system purge and circulate the system for at least 30 minutes.  
  • Turn off all power to your hot tub.
  • Pull the drain plugs and drain the hot tub completely.
  • This is a great time to scrub that tub down with a 50/50 while vinegar and water solution to get rid of any water lines.  
  • Rinse the hot tub thoroughly and install the drain plugs.
  • Replace the water by sticking the hose in the filter well to avoid air lock in the plumbing. Built-up air in the pipes causes airlock and can damage the pump.  Set a timer on your smartphone so you don’t have to be present for the filling.
  • Power up the hot tub and start that long heating process.
  • Balance and sanitize the new water by adding your start up chemicals (shock and sanitizer), and adjust your pH for the system to work efficiently.  

Consistent maintenance is key for performance and the longevity of your hot tub. Armed with the right tools, a simple schedule and a bit of knowledge that hot tub will remain a joy. Hot tub maintenance is easy with pHin.  It monitors water quality, notifies you by smartphone when you need to add chemicals and ships you just the right amount.   

Be sure to check out the pHin device, a new way to care for your hot tub. pHin monitors water quality, notifies you by smartphone when you need to add chemicals and ships you just the right amounts.

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