Five Ways to Enjoy Your Hot Tub This Winter

Most people put their hot tubs in hibernation mode during the summer when it’s just too hot to enjoy the spa. As the last leaves fall from the trees and the first fall chill hits the air, it’s a good time to uncover the hot tub and prepare it for a full season of winter […]

Rookie Pool Owner Solves the Water Care Equation with pHin

With pHin, a Texas family went from having green to crystal-clear pool water with less than half the work. Experienced pool and hot tub owners know that it’s easy for water to get off balance. Whether from a heavy rainfall or a missed dose of shock, keeping a pool safe for swimming is an important […]

How Do you Maintain a Swimming Pool?

Having a pool can be a great source of summer fun for friends, family, and yourself. You’re able to relax and take a dip, spend time with the kids, and occasionally exercise (if you’re feeling up for it). Many pool owners don’t realize how much work it to to properly maintain swimming pool and spa. […]

3 Ways to Save Electricity Heating your Pool

Running a pool in the summer takes a lot of electrical energy to maintain desirable cool temperatures in the face of extreme heat. This summer season, we’re spilling all the swimming pool energy-saving tips so you can feel better every time you take a dip: Pool Heating Options Can Reduce Costs and Energy We know […]