ConnectedYard Joins Forces with Hayward Pool Products

ConnectedYard Joins Forces with Hayward Pool Products

To our friends and Members:

Today, we at pHin are pleased to announce that we are being acquired and joining forces with Hayward Pool Products.

The last three and a half years have been an incredible journey for pHin, full of innovation and opportunities to improve our product thanks to your feedback and loyalty. We couldn’t have made it this far without you.

We started over three years ago with the concept of applying IoT technology to pools and hot tubs to make it easy to maintain healthy water. Now, that vision is stronger than ever as we partner with Hayward Pool Products on the next chapter of our journey to continue providing you with the very best pool monitoring technology the industry has to offer.

We want to assure you that pHin and ConnectedYard will continue to operate as-is and there will be no changes to your existing subscription or product purchase. Both ConnectedYard and Hayward Pool Products share a vision to make your pool experience worry and hassle-free by bringing intelligence, simplicity and fun to the backyard.

Going forward, pHin will still be the same smart monitor you’ve grown to love and rely on. We will simply have more resources to continue scaling our business, improving customer support and providing more product features now that we’re backed by Hayward’s 80+ years of experience.

We are excited to share more about what we’ll be working on together in the coming months. The possibilities are endless and we are only just getting started!

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