pHin gives water adjustment recommendations when used with any chemical, and provides specific dosing instructions for a growing list of chemicals:

for pools
Recommendations For All; Specific Dosing For These Chemicals:
GLB®, hth®, Pool Breeze®, poolife®, Quantum®
GLB® Granular Stabilized Chlorinating Concentrate
GLB® pH Down
GLB® pH Up
GLB® Triple Tab® Chlorinating Tablets
GLB® Supersonic
GLB® Oxy-Brite®
GLB® 1" Tablets
GLB® 3" Tablets
GLB® 3" Tablets
GLB® Generation Bromine Disinfectant
GLB® Shoxidizer® Shock Oxidizer
GLB® Super Charge
GLB® Super Charge II
hth® pH Decreaser
hth® pH Increaser
hth® 1" Chlorinating Tablets
hth® 3" Chlorinating Tablets
hth® Super 3" Chlorinating Tablets
hth® Ultimate 3" Chlorinating Tablets
hth® ULTRA 3" Chlorinating Tablets
hth® Shock Treatment
hth® Super Shock Treatment
hth® Ultimate Shock Treatment
hth® ULTRA Complete Shock Treatment
hth® 3-in-1 Chlorinating Skimmer Tablets
hth® Chlorinating Granules
hth® Chlorinating Skimmer Sticks
hth® Extended Skimmer Sticks
hth® Floater
hth® Mineral Brilliance® Chlorinating Granules
hth® pH Minus
hth® pH Plus
hth® Liquid Chlorinator
hth® Shock 'N Swim
hth® Super 60 shock treatment
hth® Super Chlorinating Granules
hth® super shock n' swim
poolife® Instant Clear Cleaning Granules
poolife® MPT Extra™ 3" Chlorinating Tablets
poolife® pH Minus Balancer
poolife® pH Plus Balancer
poolife® Non Chlorine Oxidizer
poolife® TurboShock® Shock Treatment
poolife® 1" Cleaning Tablets
poolife® 3" Cleaning Tablets
poolife® Active Cleaning Caplets
poolife® Brite Stix® Sanitizer
poolife® Bromine +
poolife® Clean Shock®
poolife® Cleaning Sticks
poolife® NST
poolife® Quick Swim Oxidizer
poolife® Rapid Shock®
Pool Breeze®
Pool Breeze® 3" Chlorinating Tablets
Pool Breeze® Chlorinating Sticks
Pool Breeze® Clear Shock
Pool Breeze® Granular 68
Pool Breeze® pH Decreaser
Pool Breeze® pH Increaser
Pool Breeze® Power 73 Shock Treatment
Quantum® 1" Chlorine Tablets (Tri-Chlor)
Quantum® 3" Chlorine Tablets (Tri-Chlor)
Quantum® Granular Chlorine (Di-chlor)
Quantum® pH Down
Quantum® pH Up
Quantum® Q-Shock II (Cal-Hypo) 73% CHC
Quantum® QB-BRITE
Quantum® Sticks
Quantum® Triology Tab
Quantum® Q-Blast (Cal-Hypo)
for hot tubs
Recommendations For All; Specific Dosing For These Chemicals:
Brilliance®, hth Spa™, Leisure Time®
Brilliance® for spas Brominating Granular
Brilliance® for spas Bromo Tabs
Brilliance® for spas Chlorinating Granules
Brilliance® for spas Oxidizer with Mineral Salts
Brilliance® for spas Oxidizing Tablets
Brilliance® for spas pH Decreaser with mineral salts
Brilliance® for spas pH Increaser with mineral salts
Brilliance® for spas Sanitizer
Brilliance® for spas Start-Up
hth Spa™
hth Spa™ Brom-Start
hth Spa™ Brominating Tablets
hth Spa™ Clear Chlorinating Sanitizer
hth Spa™ Chlorinating Sanitizer
hth Spa™ Non-Chlorine Shock Oxidizer
hth® Spa pH Decreaser
hth® Spa pH Increaser
hth Spa® Chlorinating Sanitizer
hth Spa® Shock
Leisure Time®
Leisure Time® Bromating Granular
Leisure Time® Renew Granular
Leisure Time® Spa 56 Chlorinating Granules
Leisure Time® Brom Tabs
Leisure Time® Renew® Tabs
Leisure Time® Sodium Bromide
Leisure Time® Spa Down
Leisure Time® Spa Up