Chemicals For Your pHin

pHin works with all chemicals. It alerts your smartphone when your water chemistry is out of balance, and tells you what chemicals you need to add. pHin gives you water-balancing adjustments when used with any chemical brand and even provides specific dosing recommendations when used with a growing list of chemicals. Click here to view the list.

Questions about pHin?

pHin Online Support Center: pHin Customer Care team:

Questions About Chemicals?

Toll-free Lonza Customer Engagement number: 1-844-827-2955 Available 7 days a week from 8am - 10pm EST 24/7 Emergency hotline: 1-800-654-6911

In Your Retail Starter Box

wifi bridge

The pHin Smart Monitor wirelessly broadcasts your water chemistry, using energy-efficient BLE technology. The pHin Wireless Bridge picks up the water chemistry data and securely sends it to the pHin Cloud over your home WiFi.

calibration kit

The pHin Calibration Kit provides additional water analysis to keep an eye on the chemical levels that are important but change slowly.


For $99/year after the first year, you will receive ongoing monitoring and recommendations, and replacement monitors for free if/when your monitor stops working. (Monitors have an expected life of 18-24 months from first use.) If you choose not to renew, pHin will continue to provide temperature and basic alerts when your pH and sanitizer levels go out of balance until your monitor battery or sensor runs out, but it will no longer give you chemical recommendations. 

Pool and Hot Tub Same Water

If your pool and hot tub share the same water using the same filter and pump, one pHin will do the job. Just select “Pools” in the cart.

Pool and Hot Tub Different Water

If your pool and hot tub don't share the same water, get 2 pHin Starter boxes: one for your pool and one for your hot tub.


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