Your Hot Tub Repair Checklist for Any Season

Your Hot Tub Repair Checklist for Any Season

Hot tubs, like any other large appliances, can sometimes run into issues that require your attention so they don't become a costly problem later on. This hot tub repair checklist will lay out some common issues to keep track of in order to keep your tub in peak condition throughout the year.

Check for leaks

There are several areas where potential leaks can occur, from the pump, lighting fixtures, filter, and plumbing. Typically when people notice their spa leaks, it’s almost never the shell itself. Start by removing the cabinet panel, and identifying if the leak started there, as much of the plumbing is built within the panel. If not, the leak may be one of the jets.

Listen for unpleasant noise

If you hear an unpleasant sound coming from your hot tub, you may have a pump issue. Your pump is an important part for your hot tub, so you’ll want to keep it good working order. The internal part of the pump (the impeller) allows water to move and, if the bearings on it wear out or get stuck, it creates a whirring sound. The external part (the motor), can create sounds when the breaker is tripped, usually a sign the motor is malfunctioning.

Review the power setup

Keep a close eye on whether or not your hot tub is getting the power it needs before you call for a repair. Check for flipped breakers or wiring damage, and always make sure to examine the working parts when the electricity is off.

Analyze pH levels

For your hot tub to be safe to lounge in, be sure to regularly test and stabilize its pH levels. Low pH is acidic and can cause the metal parts of your hot tub to corrode, while high pH will lead to scale, and can cause plastic and rubber components like O-rings and gaskets to harden.

Cover and clean regularly

Other preventative measures include covering your tub when not in use can keep dirt and debris out of the water, and prevent any clogs from damaging the internal components of your tub. Clean your tub with a good-quality soap and the filter cartridge should also be cleaned on a regular basis.

If you want to always stay on top of your hot tub repair work, consider getting a pHin Smart Water Monitor. It constantly monitors your water and tells your smartphone what you need to do to keep the water in your pool and hot tub healthy. Use it with your own chemicals for flexibility or get our single-dose, pre-measured chemicals delivered to your door.

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