How Often Should You Check Your Pool Water

How Often Should You Check Your Pool Water

Pool and hot tub water is very dynamic; it’s constantly changing!

Sometimes it changes rapidly, and other times more gradually. Rain, sunlight, and leaf matter all affect the overall water balance. 

The bather load in your pool, topping off the water level and temperature increase all have an impact, too.

A backyard pool or hot tub should be tested frequently during the swim season:

  • A pool at least once per week
  • A hot tub at least twice per week
  • More often if the pool or hot tub has high bathing loads

Monitor what factors need adjustments and tend to them more frequently each time you perform a water check-up.

For a quick check on the basic factors such as sanitizer levels, pH and total alkalinity, you may find test strips to be easy, convenient and inexpensive to use. Test strips give you a more qualitative look at your pools.

A more accurate method to read water test results is to use a solution (reagent type) test kit. The test kits can measure the results more precisely, and many kits tell you what and how much to add to correct an imbalance.

Both test strips and test kit solutions (reagents) have a predetermined shelf life. They typically will remain fresh and accurate for approximately one year. Test strips have an expiration date stamped on their vials so you know when to use them by.

Test kit solutions (reagents) will typically remain fresh and accurate for up to a year, provided the kits and strips are stored in a cool (close to room temperature) and dry place, away from moisture. Do not store in a garage, a vehicle or outdoors as extreme temperatures (both high and low) can cause the solutions or strips to lose their accuracy.

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