How to Add Chemicals to Your Pool During and After Rainfall

How to Add Chemicals to Your Pool During and After Rainfall

Although the rain may be a blessing for our lawns, it may not be the same feeling for our pools. Unfortunately, continuous rainfall can cause problems for pool owners because rain can affect the water’s chemical balances. As rain falls through the atmosphere it picks up contaminants, such as organic materials and even algae spores. Rain also turns acidic which can throw off pH levels. Typically, we recommend waiting until after the rain or storm passes to add chemicals to a swimming pool, however, it’s safe to add chemicals before, during, or after rainfall.

There are a few basic guidelines on how to add chemicals to your pool during and after rainfall.

When adding chemicals during rainfall

It’s always smart to keep an eye on the weather forecast to anticipate the necessary chemicals during a rainfall. If you missed the forecast, the rain will always capture pollen and other organic materials which end up disrupting the pools chemicals. Be mindful of chlorine levels during rainfall and add more chlorine/pH balance chemicals than you normally do in your daily pool maintenance. This can help with potential changes made during rainfall and maintain a pool’s chemical balance.

When adding chemicals after rainfall

Even if rain was only a mild shower, chemicals will still be diluted. You should check the water’s pH level first and foremost. If the pH is below 7.0, wait to increase pH until you’ve added chlorine. Chlorine formulations will typically increase a swimming pool’s pH level on its own, which could balance pH enough to where you don’t need to add a large amount on your own. Chlorine below 1.5 ppm will need to be adjusted and added accordingly to raise the level back to 2.0 ppm.

Figuring out how to add chemicals to your pool during and after rainfall can be confusing and daunting. Our smart monitor device, pHin is a 24/7 reader of your pH water level. With pHin you can receive updates and quick readings of your chemical balance instead of doing it on your own. pHin makes dealing with rain easy, quick, and simple for pool owners. For more information about adding chemicals to your pool during and after rainfall read our blog post about the proper chemical levels for a healthy pool.


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