How to Clean your Pool After a Pool Party

How to Clean your Pool After a Pool Party

It's pretty obvious how to clean your house after a house party, but have you ever thought about how to clean your pool after a pool party?

It's no surprise that your water chemistry gets thrown out of whack when an influx of deodorant sunscreen-covered people take a dip in the pool, often tracking dirt and debris from being barefoot in the backyard.

Because most of the issues affecting your pool water are invisible to the naked eye, it's a lot harder to know where to start and exactly what you need to do to make sure your water is healthy enough to swim in.

Here's what you can do to get your water back on track after a pool party:

Check your pHin for water balancing instructions

If you, like me, hate all the guesswork that goes into pool chemical maintenance, pHin is the ultimate pool gadget to help make pool ownership a breeze. It continuously monitors your water so that it can notify you immediately when you need to take advantage to get your pool back in balance. It works with all major chemical brands, so you can expect to get exact dosing information about what chemicals you need to add to your water.

Shock your pool water

Just as it's important to shock your water before a pool party, it's also important to shock it afterwards. Shocking your pool decreases its chances of low chlorine levels, which tend to be a breeding ground for algae bloom.

Run your pool pump

Make sure to run your pool pump after shocking your pool so that the fresh water can circulate and debris can be filtered out.

Clean debris with a pool net

Though running your pool pump helps to clear debris, it's unlikely that 100% of pollutants can be filtered out that way. Your pool is bound to have quite a bit of debris floating around or coating its bottom from all the bare feet in your backyard, so it's a good idea to have a pool net handy for a post-party cleanup.

Brush your pool walls

Brushing your pool is one of the most important aspects of pool maintenance, yet a surprising number of pool owners don’t do it. By consistently brushing your swimming pool’s interior surface, you prevent algae buildup, remove dirt particles, and smooth the surface to ensure a long lasting finish. Also, brushing your pool is a major contributor to proper circulation, as it breaks up debris, biofilms such as pink slime, white water mold, and other microorganisms, introducing them into the water and your filtration system.

There you have it - the ultimate guide to getting your pool back into a healthy balance after an awesome pool party. Have any questions or tips to add? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below!

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