How to Safely Store Hot Tub Chemicals and Supplies

How to Safely Store Hot Tub Chemicals and Supplies

If you’re a hot tub owner, you may find yourself acquiring different supplies to properly care for and maintain your hot tub throughout the year. From sanitizers, spa shock, covers, and electrical equipment to aid in cleaning or water testing (such as the pHin smart monitor), these chemicals and supplies come in different shapes and prices. If the tools are not properly cared for, you may drastically reduce their shelf life or even damage them which could render them useless. This article will cover all aspects around safely storing all your items for your hot tub.

Having A Secure Location for all Chemicals and Supplies

Every hot tub owner must be aware of safety measures with their chemicals and supplies. These items should not be easily accessible to children or pets, as they are dangerous if accidentally ingested. If possible, keep chemicals in a locked container to ensure a child or animal can’t get into them.

Hot Tubs with Storage Compartments

Some hot tub steps come equipped with an inside storage unit capable of holding many of the chemicals necessary to maintain it. This is a great way to keep chemicals close while having your hot tub area open. However, don’t follow this route if you live in an area that experiences dramatic shifts in temperature above the recommended level for your chemicals.

Indoor Storage

If you prefer to hold your chemicals indoors, a hanging shoe organizer is a great way to store items on the back of a door in a shed or even in a closet. Most chemicals you buy can fit perfectly into the compartments of these organizers, and are easily accessible when you need them. Prefer to keep things mobile? A simple plastic storage container can allow you to easily transport all of your spa supplies when you need them.

Maintaining Dry Chemicals and Supplies

Most of the chemicals can be heavily affected by moisture, direct sunlight, and air quality. These conditions may reduce their effectiveness, so it’s best to keep them in a cool, waterproof space, so that they are safe from flooding and humidity

Storing Chemicals and Supplies at The Right Temperature

There are various issues that can happen if you’re not too careful with the temperature of the storage area for your hot tub chemicals. Cleaners and test strips are very sensitive and can be damaged by extreme hot or cold temperatures. If frozen, bottles can burst and liquids can become de-homogenized, making them unusable for your spa. Hot environments can degrade the quality of your test strips can degrade and electronic accessories, and they can stop functioning altogether. Ideally, you’ll want to have your hot tub supplies in a space at around 55-70° F all year long.

Grouping and Separating Chemicals

Some of the biggest safety risks with spa chemicals can occur when they are improperly placed or contaminated with other household chemicals, liquids, and debris. To ensure mindful storage, follow these rules pertaining to your spa chemicals.

  • Always use dedicated spa chemical scoops, one for each chemical.
  • Store sanitizers such as shock away from acids.
  • Store liquids near ground level
  • Never place liquids above dry spa chemicals.
  • Store hot tub chemicals in their original container only and lock lids tightly after use.
  • Keep spa chemicals completely separate from all other substances.
  • Rinse measurement containers before and after use.

Learning how to safely store hot tub chemicals and supplies is an essential part of a proper hot tub care routine. This can help you save on your monthly maintenance costs in the long run, so it should be practiced by every hot tub owner daily to enjoy a healthy and mindful spa all year long. If you want to ensure you and your hot tub continues to stay healthy, keep it balanced with pHin. It constantly monitors your water and tells your smartphone what you need to do to keep the water in your pool and your hot tub healthy. Use it with your own chemicals for flexibility or get our single-dose, pre-measured chemicals delivered to your door. If you need someone to service your equipment, Pool Service on Demand connects you to local, qualified pool techs.

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