How to Throw an Awesome 4th of July Pool Party

How to Throw an Awesome 4th of July Pool Party

The 4th of July is just around the corner, which means BBQ’s and pool parties are being planned across the country as we write.

Planning a pool party is a big responsibility. In addition to making sure you have enough food and drink on hand for the festivities, you’ll need to remember your health and safety responsibilities. When decorating, be aware of any electrical cords coming close to water and ensure they are not actually in contact with water. Considering you’ll likely have a larger than normal group of people in your pool, you’ll want the water to be in the healthiest state possible for your guests’ comfort and safety. 



A few days before the party, check the water chemicals and make any necessary adjustments to make sure the water is safe for swimmers. This is especially true for shocking your pool, as the chemicals are harmful if people jump into the water too soon after a shock treatment. You also want to check the chemical balance the day after your pool party, because the oils from multiple people in the water can offset the water chemistry. The day of the party, you should sweep and clear your pool of any debris. Check your filter and skimmer to make sure they are clean and running well.



If children will be attending your pool party, consider assigning water monitors to keep an eye on things in case parents find themselves a little occupied. You always want at least one adult keeping a close eye on young swimmers. This doesn’t just go for kids, though. If you’re hosting an adults-only party with alcohol flowing, troubles still might arise in the pool, so it’s important to assign some people to keep a closer eye on the water in case of emergency.

Make sure you have flotation devices (floaties, pool noodles, etc.) for children and poor swimmers. Be sure to provide sunscreen for yourself and guests. Set up shady areas for when swimmers leave the water. Keep a first aid kit on hand, including aloe for any sunburns. As for the pool itself, check it for any potential dangers before and during the party. Keep an eye out for potential slip or trip hazards and make sure any pool additions are in good, working condition to avoid possible injury to your guests.


Decorations set the whole mood of a party; they dictate the theme, tone, and general aesthetic of the event. The type and style of decorations you choose depends on the type of party you’re throwing and setting a theme can make it easier to choose decorations, which may differ, depending on your audience. If your party-goers are adults, then your theme may be more laid back and quiet, whereas if you’re throwing a pool party for kids, your theme will most likely consist of brighter colors and characters. Whoever your audience is, pick a theme that is fun, yet simple.

If you’re considering using any lights for decor or keeping a speaker/stereo near the water, read up on electrical safety to keep you and your guests safe from being electrocuted.


Looking for an easy way to ensure the water in your pool or hot tub stays balanced? We’d recommend you choose pHin. This device constantly monitors your water and automatically sends you exactly what you need to keep the water in your pool and hot tub healthy. If you’re looking for someone to service your equipment, Pool Service on Demand instantly connects you to local, qualified pool techs.

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