Important Things You Must Know About The pH Level Of Your Pool

Important Things You Must Know About The pH Level Of Your Pool

Aside from properly sanitized pools and spas - pH is the most important factor to maintain in the water!

It's measured as a predetermined numeric range. pH measures the waters acidity / base levels. The scale is: 0-14. Zero is extremely acidic (corrosive)! Fourteen is extremely base (scale forming)! The acceptable range is 7.2 up to 7.8.

pH can change from many different causes. Many of which is: Rain, tap water, chemical additions, dust, organic matter (leaves, etc.) perspiration, mucous, urine, dead skin, cosmetics, sun tan oils, etc.

pH test results help you determine whether the pool’s water is within:

a) Acceptable range (7.2-7.8)-wherein the sanitizer (Chlorine/ Bromine) levels work optimally. The water’s clarity is more stable.

b) In a corrosive state (0-7.1), metallic fixtures and plumbing can corrode/ rust from a pool or spa’s pH level being too low (below the acceptable range of 7.2 to 7.8).

c) In a scaling state (7.9-14)-the pool’s interior surface has a potential for mineral build-up / staining. The tiled surfaces can crust up with scale from calcium present in the water.

pH is adjusted by either an acid or a base/ alkali which can be in liquid or dry form. Acids are used to lower the pH and alkalis to increase it

For optimal results use only products recommended by your professional swimming pool and spa products dealer.

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