Is Your Hot Tub Relaxation Ready? This App Can Tell You

Is Your Hot Tub Relaxation Ready? This App Can Tell You

When we moved into our house it had a hot tub and my husband and I were excited. We’d never lived in a place with our own, private hot tub. We were looking forward to relaxation, but we didn’t quite know what we were getting into.

When we started out, and we didn’t have any major issues. We were winging it, just checking chemicals before we went to go in. Most of the time, we were just winging it. We usually just kept bromine tablets in the dispenser and sometimes poured in chemicals that promised sparkly water. Surely, the hot tub would be just fine, nice and clean and toasty warm when we wanted to go in.

Or not.

Friday was a cold, snowy night, perfect for a relaxing soak in the hot tub after a long week at work. Sadly, when we pulled the cover off, it was obvious that the hot tub was not, in fact, hot. So disappointing. As it turns out, our pump system was not working and the hot tub had been experiencing an FL (flow) error since the last time we used it, which caused the temperature to drop. Flow issues can also damage hot tub equipment and create poor water quality, so we were concerned about that as well. We had the hot tub serviced and it’s working again, but now that we know this could be an on-going issue, we are determined to find a solution so we are never surprised by a cold hot tub again.

I started asking around and a friend told me that she had a similar experience. In her case, the hot tub was overheating to the point where it could have scalded people and might also have caused some long-term and expensive damage to the hot tub itself. Luckily, she had a pHin smart water monitor in her hot tub and she got an alert on her phone — while she was at work! It notified her that her hot tub had reached a dangerously high temperature. Through remote monitoring, she saw the issue as soon as it happened and quickly disconnected the power and called a tech to come service the hot tub before any permanent damage was done.

After doing some research on pHin, I like the idea of being able to keep a virtual “eye” on my hot tub using remote monitoring technology. No matter where you are, the app will alert you if there’s a temperature change to the hot tub and it also monitors the chemical levels to make sure they’re correct. Instead of manually checking your hot tub every day or two, you get a prompt when you need to make adjustments. It’s so much easier to keep your hot tub ready to use, so the second you have a cold, snowy night and are ready to relax, your hot tub is always ready and waiting for you.

We got our pHin at a local retailer. Find one near you!

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