Jumping from the Hot Tub to the Pool: Should You Do It?

Jumping from the Hot Tub to the Pool: Should You Do It?

It can be really tempting to jump into the pool to cool off after relaxing in the hot tub. But, is it safe?

Hopping from hot to cold water can offer health benefits. It’s called contrast bath therapy and is commonly used to treat muscle strains or pulls.

Why Use Contrast Bath Therapy?

Shocking your body by jumping from hot to cold water improves circulation. It can jump start your body and make you alert, whether at the start of the day or after a long day of work. Contrast bath therapy can also be beneficial before a workout, to help get your body going before a run or trip to the gym, which can decrease the likelihood for strains and other muscle related injuries. In addition to the physical benefits, contrast bath therapy can support mental health with stress relief.

Is Contrast Bath Therapy Right for You?

Before trying contrast bath therapy, you should consult with your doctor. It might not be right for you if you have cardiovascular or other underlying health issues. If you are coming off of a fresh new injury and you notice severe swelling, the injury might be serious and you should discuss the injury with a medical professional before you decide to treat it with contrast bath therapy at home.

To practice contrast bath therapy, your pool and hot tub water must be safe for swimming and soaking. If the water balance is off, pools and hot tub can become dangerous, and pose health risks. Hot tub owners also need keep an eye on the temperature of the water, so it’s not too hot for a soak. The pHin Smart Water Monitor will help you make sure your pool and hot tub are safe places for practicing contrast bath therapy. pHin floats in the water monitoring temperature, sanitizer, and pH 24/7 while providing real-time smartphone alerts when the water needs attention.

Make sure your water is safe before you start contrast bath therapy with the help of pHin!

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