Keep Your Family Safe and Healthy By The Pool

Keep Your Family Safe and Healthy By The Pool

3 Ways to Keep Your Family Safe and Healthy This Swim Season

We have compiled our list of top 3 simple ways to keep your family safe and healthy this swim season.

1. Routinely drain your hot tub

Unlike a bathtub of water, which is drained after each use, a hot tub (typically 350 gallons and maintained at 104°) stays full for quite some time and serves multiple bathers during drain and fill periods. Draining your hot tub and purging the plumbing and jets get the fresh water to allow a safer and chemically less demanding experience.

Removing unwanted contaminants, which build up in the water and plumbing over time also helps keep your therapy jets and filter operating at peak performance. It is recommended that you drain your hot tub, and refill and rebalance the water approximately every 3 months for residential hot tubs. If you operate a hot tub for commercial use, follow your state and local municipal codes.

2. Always use sunscreen

We must take precautions to prevent damage while we’re out in the sun, which can cause skin cancer. Your backyard oasis is no different than being, say, at a beach! Stay safe and help prevent you and your family from the harms of the sun while out near or in your swimming pool or hot tub.

The reflection of the pool can increase the direct effect of the intense sun while near water. Be sure to wear protective eyewear as well. Ask your doctor, dermatologist or pharmacist for the proper level of sunscreen required to protect you, your family and guests.

3. Always stay clear of open or missing covers from suction outlets

NEVER swim or soak near any open pipes or fixtures found on the walls or floors of most pools and hot tubs. They can have serious or deadly consequences due to possible entrapment from high suction or vacuum while the pump systems are running.

Hair and body parts can be sucked onto or into the defective fixture making it difficult or impossible for the bather to come free from it. A federal law (Virginia Graham Baker Act) was passed 8 years ago requiring pools and hot tubs to have adequate protective suction grates replace any older type covers and be replaced again periodically. Additional safety devices some areas require are auto-suctions devices to cut the pump off if it detects an obstruction.

By now, most pools are in compliance. However, just be aware of any broken or missing covers on any fixture within the pool or hot tub.

And while you’re at it, check out pHin, a new revolutionary way to care for your pool and hot tub. We guarantee—it’s nothing like you’ve seen before.

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