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We’re glad you’re here! This area is designed to provide you with valuable content and resources to help you sell pHin. Feel free to download and use them in your store with your employees and customers. We are adding new tools regularly so please check back every few weeks!

pHin Retailer Marketing Materials


pHin for Retail ProStores ( 200 Mb )

pHin for Consumers ( 100 Mb )

Small Format

These items are suitable for use in digital marketing.

pHin Small Monitor-Notify-Add Graphic ( 1 Mb )

pHin Web Banners ( 270 Kb )

Large Format

These items are suitable for printing.

pHin_Double Sided Flyer ( 15 Mb )

pHin Large Panel Graphics ( 14 Mb )

pHin Customer Testimonial Poster ( 1 Mb )

pHin Hot Tub Posters ( 200 Mb )

pHin Pool Posters ( 400 Mb )

pHin Hot Tub Poster Templates ( 9 Mb )

pHin Pool Poster Templates ( 6 Mb )

pHin Consumer Postcard (4 Mb)

pHin Trifold Brochure (8 Mb)

pHin At A Glance for Pro Stores (976 KB)

pHin Shopping List One Pager (745 KB)

If you’re looking for co-branded marketing materials please email marketing-requests@phin.co and let us know which company you are affiliated with.

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