Members Share Why They Love Their pHin

Members Share Why They Love Their pHin

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, so we’d like to take this moment to remind you how grateful we are to have you as a Member. You are our inspiration, driving force, and the reason we work so hard to keep your water healthy and Perfectly Balanced.

At pHin, you can always expect a friendly and helpful customer service team that wants your experience to be one you’re proud to brag to your friends about. pHin customer care provides multiple ways for you to connect and get the help you need, whether you prefer to get in contact via email, web chat or by scheduling a call.

In the spirit of thankfulness, many of you have also written into us to tell us how grateful you are for the variety of ways pHin simplifies your water care:

Gary F: "I'm thankful that my pHin saves me time [and] makes water care so easy!"

Roger N: "I'm thankful that my pHin saves me money, saves me time...[and] alerts me when my pool or hot tub water needs attention!"

S. Anderson: "I'm thankful that my pHin keeps my pool and hot tub water perfectly balanced."

Walsh C: "I'm thankful that my pHin keeps me algae free for the last two seasons! WooHoo!"


Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!


The pHin Team

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