New Year, New Pool: Simple to Advanced Pool Upgrade Ideas

New Year, New Pool: Simple to Advanced Pool Upgrade Ideas

A swimming pool makes a great addition to any yard; however, when you're ready for a new look, it presents its own unique challenges. A major renovation is extremely pricey, but there are changes that make a big impact without making a big dent in your checking account.

Automatic Safety Covers

Change the look of your pool while also improving safety and reducing maintenance costs with an automatic safety cover. Available in a wide variety of colors and materials and custom-designed to fit your pool, these covers extend across your pool with the flip of a switch. When engaged, it protects friends and family from accidentally falling into the water. It also decreases the cost of electricity by around 50 percent and lowers the cost to heat your pool by over 70 percent. Evaporation also drops significantly, by at least 90 percent, saving water. Finally, your pool requires fewer chemicals.

Resurfacing the Pool Surface

Instantly update the look of your pool with a new finish. This is not one of the cheaper options, but if it needs resurfacing anyway, it's a great option for updating your backyard aesthetic.

Two of the more popular resurfacing options are aggregate and tile. You have an incredible level of variety, design, and color options. With aggregate, you can choose pebbles, stones, seashells, and more. If you started with a standard plaster finish, it instantly modernizes your pool, lasts longer, and offers non-slip protection.

Tile finishes offer even more variety regarding color and patterns. What's more, with proper care, the tiles last for many years.

Update Your Pool Deck

This upgrade may offer the greatest impact if you're looking to change the look of your backyard. Standard pool decking does the job, but you have an incredible array of options when you decide to make a change.

If you prefer to keep the basic structure of your current pool deck but still want an update, pool deck coatings make a great, inexpensive option. Choose from a variety of colors and textures, all of which you can apply yourself.

If you feel more adventurous, consider different materials, reshaping your current decking, or adding to it. Pavers, natural stone, wood tiles, and stamped concrete are some of the more popular options. You might choose to extend the deck (float) over the pool wall to make it part of your coping.

Install LED Lights

Installing new LED lighting in your pool not only gives it a more interesting look, it saves on electricity, and the bulbs last longer than traditional incandescent bulbs do. LED systems come in different colors and customizable light modes.

Add Water Features

Update your existing pool design with a water feature for an instant "Wow!" factor. This includes scuppers, sprayers, and waterfalls. A scupper, if you don't already know, resembles a drain spout in its most basic form. Built into a wall or similar feature around your pool, it offers an instant update to both landscaping and pool.

Sprayers are essentially fountains. Place one or more along the edge of the pool or even from within the pool. Waterfalls, typically installed within a boulder mound, create the same impact as installing scuppers. Each of these options not only adds visual appeal, but also aural appeal, as the sound of falling water adds another layer of interest to your yard.

Add a Pool Slide

Add a touch of fun to your backyard with a pool slide. Available in straight, curved, and corkscrew models, in traditional styles or as part of a wall or rock feature, pool slides offer loads of fun for kids and adults alike. You can even find models incorporated into a waterfall or other water feature.

Keep Your Pool Healthy

No matter what upgrades you install, you want to keep the water fresh and healthy for swimmers. A pHin smart monitor helps you maintain that balance all year. It constantly monitors your pool water and then sends you exactly what you need. Is it time to service your pool or hot tub? Pool Service on Demand instantly connects you to a local, qualified pool tech.

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