“pHin is Worth Every Dollar!”

“pHin is Worth Every Dollar!”

Alfred from Texas can't stop raving about his pHin! He wrote in to share exactly why he's calling it one of the best investments he's made.

He says pHin helps him "keep up to date data on my pool! Worth every dollar!"

If your pool and hot tub share the same water (one pump and one filter) like Alfred's does, then you only need one pHin monitor.

pHin makes pool and hot tub care simple with continuous monitoring of pH, sanitizer and temperature levels. It takes the guesswork out of pool and hot tub maintenance by notifying you via your mobile device when it’s time to add chemicals to your water and providing exact chemical dosing instructions for most major retail chemicals while working with all chemical brands.

It also connects users to on-demand pool and hot tub service at the touch of a button and tests for total alkalinity, total harness, and cyanuric acid as needed. Its flexibility allows it to work with chlorine, salt, and bromine pools and hot tubs while allowing users to check on their water at any time, from anywhere via its mobile app. Take the guesswork out of your own pool or hot tub by buying pHin today!

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