pHin Wins 2018 CE Pro BEST Award & 2018 Electronic House Product of the Year

pHin Wins 2018 CE Pro BEST Award & 2018 Electronic House Product of the Year

Exciting news, everyone! pHin has been honored with two prestigious awards from CE Pro and Electronic House. pHin has also been named a finalist for a 2018 IoT Innovator Award.

pHin was named a winner of the 2018 CE Pro BEST (Best Electronics Systems Technologies) awards and a winner of the 2018 Product of the Year award by Electronic House. Both awards recognize pHin as an innovative smart home product that brings intelligence and automation to the connected backyard. The IoT Innovator Awards recognize pHin as one of the best products in the Internet of Things market.

“We are thrilled to be recognized by CE Pro, Electronic House and IoT Innovator. These awards underscore pHin’s innovation and the valuable role it plays helping homeowners simplify the care and maintenance of their backyard swimming pools and hot tubs,” said ConnectedYard Co-Founder and CEO Justin Miller.

pHin is a smart water care solution that takes the guesswork out of pool and hot tub maintenance by combining a wifi-enabled smart monitor and mobile app that monitors water chemistry and temperature 24/7, and notifies customers via smartphone when they need to take action. Customers receive recommendations on how to balance their water so they add only the exact chemicals needed.

Award entries were judged on creativity, innovation, functionality, aesthetics, and lifestyle benefits to the homeowner, by an independent panel of industry leaders, along with the editors of CE Pro and For more information and the full list of award winners, go to CE Pro and Electronic House . Winners of the IoT Innovators awards will be announced in early September, so please keep an eye out for the official announcement!

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