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Keep an Eye on your Clients’ Water Chemistry

Remotely tests your customers’ water over 1,000 times per week

pHin gives you 24/7 access to your clients’ historical water chemistry data in a centralized Partner Portal. Log in anytime to see their pH, temperature, sanitizer, total hardness, total alkalinity, and cyanuric acid levels.

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Partner Portal

Making your business smarter

pHin’s Partner Portal provides you with the data you need to protect your business in the event that a warranty claim is leveraged against you during the curing period. The Partner Portal shows you how well your clients have been following the dosing recommendations pHin provides in addition to a 30 day chart of their pH, sanitizer and temperature levels.

Customer Profile
Have your customers’ vessel type and information conveniently located at the top of our Partner Portal.
Color-Coded Discs
See your customers’ water health at a glance.
Prioritise your route based on customer location.
Analyze your customers’ historical pH, ORP & temperature levels for up to 90 days for a data-based approach to pool maintenance.
Water Report
Knowing your customers’ TA, TH & CYA levels can help you make chemical recommendations that suit their individual needs. Editable ends allow you to add space for more water reports.
See what chemicals your customers are scanning and identify upsetting opportunities.
Know what actions pHin is recommending to keep your customers’ water safe.
Portal Interface

pHin works with all water types

pHin works with chlorine, bromine, and salt water pools, hot tubs & spas. We support all types of water, allowing you to exponentially grow your client base.

  • bromine
  • chlorine
  • salt

pHin is easy to use

pHin makes water care simple for everyone. pHin provides your clients with specific dosing instructions for a growing list of chemicals to maintain pools and hot tubs.

pHin helps you differentiate your business

Stay on top of your clients’ minds by offering them a smart water monitor. Set yourself apart from the competition by providing a device that will help your clients care for their investment.

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