Pool Chemicals Might be Causing your Cloudy Pool Water

Pool Chemicals Might be Causing your Cloudy Pool Water

Did you know that algae and chemicals are the main culprits behind cloudy pool water?

Time to act fast now that you do, because the longer you wait to fix cloudy pool water the higher your chances of having more algae to worry about. Algae growth in pools can leave your waters unhealthy and tainted with wrong pH levels and chemical balance.

Taking care of your swimming pool can be hard work, but with a smart pool monitor like pHin, you won't have to worry as much about algae bloom and your pool's overall water chemistry, as pHin continuously monitors your water and notifies you when it's time to take actions to keep it perfectly balanced.

Here's how algae and chemicals contribute to cloudy pool water:

Algae grows in the nooks and crannies

Unfortunately, algae loves to creep into a pool’s nooks and crannies. The growth of algae in a pool is normal but can be annoying when left uncared for.

Algae may have been invited into your crystal clear pool water from a swimming toy or swimwear that was previously in natural waters that were exposed to algae.

Algae can cause cloudy waters by heading for the pool stairs, corners, pool walls, jets, and skimmers! All the nooks and crannies of a pool are intriguing for algae and could cause extreme cloudy water that makes it unable to see a struggling swimmer. That's one of the top reasons why it's important to regularly brush your swimming pool.

Excessive Pool Chemicals Cause Cloudy Pool Water

Another perpetrator that can ruin clear, pool waters is an excessive amount of pool chemicals.

As pool owners, we typically think the more chemicals the better, but excessive pool chemicals can contribute to cloudy pool water and additionally, ruin the balance, resulting in high pH, high alkalinity, high chlorine or other sanitizers, and high calcium hardness.

Use Pool Service On Demand

In addition to giving you a clear picture of what chemicals you need to add to balance your pool and the overall health of your water, pHin also provides you with direct access to pool techs that you can hire to treat your pool water at your convenience.


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