Reap the Benefits of our Partner Portal

Reap the Benefits of our Partner Portal

Have you signed up for the pHin Partner Portal?

The pHin Partner Portal gives you and your employees 24/7 access to your customers’ real-time water data and tools you can leverage to provide better customer service while enhancing your ability to sell the chemicals you know and trust.

Contact us at to get signed up.

Unlock Recurring Revenue via Shopping List

The pHin App gives Members the opportunity to place an order to your store from the comfort of their home! All they have to do is select chemicals from their inventory list that they’d like to replenish, specify an amount, and select a store to pick up their order from.

Keep your customers updated on the status of their order via push notification by marking their orders as “ready” when all items have been gathered (you can also include the price of the order and additional notes).

The new Shopping List feature is specifically designed to provide convenience for your customers while driving repeat traffic to your store. We sincerely value our partnership and strive to optimize the pHin experience for both customers and retailers alike.

Promote this feature when selling pHin by emphasizing the convenience it provides your customers by saving them the time it takes to browse through aisles for their chemicals.

More Supported Chemicals

pHin gives exact dosing instructions for over 100 chemicals and counting. An updated list of supported chemicals is now available on our main website.

If you don’t see your brand or if you have a private label brand and want pHin to scan it, contact to learn how easy it is to get your private label chemicals into the pHin scan engine!

Drive Sales with the pHin Demo AppThe pHin Demo App was designed to help you show customers how easy it is to use pHin and emphasize the peace of mind our Smart Water Monitor provides. The app allows you to showcase pool and hot tub water reports, charts, retail chemical lists, and even highlight the convenience of our new Shopping List feature!

You can even add the demo app to your iOS desktop so it looks like a native app.

To add the pHin Demo App to your iOS home screen head over to using your Safari browser; hit the share icon, and choose the ‘Add to Home Screen’ option then select ‘Add’ in the top right corner again and it will appear on your device like any other app.

If you have any questions, a member of our sales team will be happy to assist. Please email us at:

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