Hot Tub Chemicals

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During our testing of pHin, we discovered that people who maintained their hot tub using Bromine tablets were much more successful at easily keeping their hot tubs perfectly balanced compared to people who used Chlorine.  Since we are focused on making things easy, pHin provides Bromine tablets and related chemicals to customers who order pHin for Hot Tubs With Chemicals.

  • If you have a Bromine Hot Tub, with or without tablets, you can order pHin With Chemicals.  If you prefer to use your own chemicals, just order pHin Without Chemicals.
  • If you have a Chlorine Hot Tub – you can easily switch to Bromine.  Just order pHin With Chemicals and start using the chemicals that pHin provides.  There is no need to drain your hot tub in order to make the switch.  If you prefer to use your own chemicals, or stay with Chlorine, just order pHin Without Chemicals.
  • If you have a Salt Water Hot Tub – please order pHin Without Chemicals.
  • If you use BaquaSpa – sorry, pHin does not currently support BaquaSpa.

And remember, if your Hot Tub shares the same water as your pool, there is no need to buy two pHins.  Just one will monitor all of your water.

About pHin

pHin is reinventing pool and hot tub care with a WiFi-enabled smart monitor and a mobile phone app to take away the guesswork. The pHin Smart Monitor continuously monitors your pool or hot tub water chemistry and temperature, and notifies your phone when you need to balance the water quality. All you need to do is add pHin’s pre-measured, single-dose, color-coded pods or get dosing instructions to use it with your own chemicals. One-touch pool service is also available through our network of pre-qualified pool technicians whenever needed at a pre-negotiated price. pHin is the first product from ConnectedYard Inc. headquartered in Palo Alto, California, which is dedicated to being the center of the connected backyard. Beginning with pool and hot tub care, our smart technology will expand to include everyday components involved in outdoor living. Our goal is to bring intelligence, simplicity and fun to the backyard.

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