invigorate your retail business

the smart solution for retail

the smart solution for retail

pHin for retail comes with the pHin Smart Monitor, pHin Wireless Bridge and pHin Mobile App. With the smart monitor measuring the pool’s water chemistry and temperature 24/7, customers receive notifications on their phones when they need to add chemicals, helping retailers, like you, grow your business.


works with all chemicals

pHin works with all chemicals, regardless of what you carry in your store. It tells customers how to adjust their water chemistry when used with any chemical brand and it gives specific dosing instructions for products from hth®, hth Spa™, poolife®, Leisure Time®, Brilliance®, Quantum® and GLB®.

new revenue streams

pHin can help grow your chemical and pool supplies sales, and its Pool Service On Demand network will give you access to new service business. When a customer buys pHin in your store, you will become the default provider for any service that customer needs.

new revenue streams

Get pHin for Your Store

  • Repeat Traffic
    Repeat Traffic
    pHin’s in-app recommendations help bring people back to retail stores to replenish chemicals.
  • Related Product Sales
    Related Product Sales
    pHin helps upsell speciality chemicals, equipment and other supplies to balance water.
  • New Leads
    New Leads
    Access new service customers through pHin’s Pool Service On Demand network.
  • Value-Add Services
    Value-Add Services
    Increase customer loyalty with value-add services, such as proactive chemical support.

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Sell pHin
Sell pHin

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I Have a Service Business
I Have a Service Business

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Pool Service on Demand
Pool Service on Demand

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hth®, hth Spa™, poolife®, Leisure Time®, Brilliance® for Spas, Quantum® and GLB® are trademarks of Lonza or its affiliates. Poolife® Exclusive Pool Care Collection is referred to as poolife® here.

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