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  • Owned by Hayward – the industry leader Owned by Hayward – the industry leader
  • Supports chlorine, bromine and salt water Supports chlorine, bromine and salt water
  • Over 1 Billion water samples collected Over 1 Billion water samples collected
  • Award Winning Technology Award Winning Technology

Why Retailers Love pHin’s Partner Portal

pHin monitors your customers’ pool, hot tub, and swim spa water 24/7

The pHin Partner Portal gives you and your employees access to customers’ real-time water data and chemical inventory.

Provide a new level of customer service to pool and hot tub customers. Leverage pHin’s online portal to see customers’ water chemistry history, preferred chemicals and even add their test strip data all into one easy-to-use dashboard.

Customer Profile
Have your customers’ vessel type and information conveniently located at the top of our Partner Portal.
Color-Coded Discs
See your customers’ water health at a glance.
Prioritise your route based on customer location.
Analyze your customers’ historical pH, ORP & temperature levels for up to 90 days for a data-based approach to pool maintenance.
Water Report
Knowing your customers’ TA, TH & CYA levels can help you make chemical recommendations that suit their individual needs. Editable ends allow you to add space for more water reports.
See what chemicals your customers are scanning and identify upsetting opportunities.
Know what actions pHin is recommending to keep your customers’ water safe.
Portal Interface

Benefits for your business

24/7 Monitoring

24/7 Monitoring

pHin tests water over 1,000 times per week

pHin measures pool and hot tub pH, sanitizer, and temperature levels over 1,000 times per week and tests for total hardness, total alkalinity, and cyanuric acid as needed, displaying up to 90 days worth of data for a clear picture of your customers’ water quality.

pHin’s built-in intelligence creates customized recommendations based on a pool or hot tub’s unique averages, and gives you the opportunity to add your own in-store measurements through our Partner Portal.

Promote the chemicals you trust most

Promote the chemicals you trust most

Showcase your preferred chemical brands to customers

Use our Partner Portal to give your preferred chemicals prime real estate within your customers’ mobile app when they opt to shop via our shopping list feature. Leverage this opportunity to achieve sales targets and monitor customer buying behavior.

Drive Sales with Shopping List

Drive Sales with Shopping List

Our app helps drive foot traffic to your store

pHin promotes customer loyalty by prompting your customers to select the store where they purchased their monitor during our setup process.

From there, customers can use our shopping list feature to make a list of the chemicals they need to replenish and pick up in your store.

Dedicated Retail Support Team

Our retail support team is always standing by, ready to answer any product questions you might have. Each member holds a CPO® Certification from the NSPF®.

100% Warranty Coverage

All warranty claims your customers make are handled directly through our pHin Customer Care team, at no cost to you. Free unit replacement in the event of failure for active subscribers.

Marketing Materials

We provide you with what you need to successfully sell pHin. Our Marketing Portal includes brochures, POP materials, downloadable materials, videos, and a comprehensive FAQ page.

Try the pHin Demo App

See how pHin Simplifies Pool and Hot Tub Care

Explore for yourself what your customers will experience in the pHin app. Begin by simply clicking on one of the colored discs. In this demo the blue disc represents a well balanced pool. The orange disc represents a second vessel, a hot tub that needs attention. See for yourself how easy it is for your customers to add chemicals to their shopping cart, see their water history and get step-by-step dosing instructions.


Click app to try.

What Consumers are Saying About pHin

  • I’ve been struggling with my spa chemistry for years. This makes it simple and it’s always perfect. I think it’s worth every penny. Frank Frank
  • Love this product! Makes monitoring my hot tub simple. I never really felt secure that the water was chlorinated and balanced enough for the health of my family and the hot tub. This device gives me peace of mind that the levels are perfect. Cherie P. Cherie P.
  • I hated my hot tub before buying this. I was constantly testing and adding chemicals to the water and I struggled to keep it clean and clear. Now the app tells me what to do, I do it and that’s it! The water is nice and I don’t stress about it anymore! Yay! Ames F. Ames F.
  • I was part of the pHin Kickstarter! Absolutely love this product and all of the improvements to the app since its inception. My pool has never looked so great! Lee C. Lee C.
  • It has taken all the guesswork out of keeping the spa balanced. I get notifications from my pHin app on my phone notifying me if the spa needs chemicals, and which ones need to be added. Also, the customer service has been awesome when I’ve had questions. Dean M. Dean M.
  • This is the easiest system to work with. If you’re a homeowner, you need pHin. I’m 100% satisfied. Danilo G. Danilo G.
  • Loving this company and the monitoring! Will never have a pool or spa without it! Dan B. Dan B.
  • Most practical purchase I ever made. No more guessing. Great product. Robert P. Robert P.
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