Rio Olympic Swimming Pools Turn Green – We Know Why!

Rio Olympic Swimming Pools Turn Green – We Know Why!

In Rio, the show must go on. Olympic officials tested the water with traditional methods and deemed it safe for competition - a smart pool solution, like pHin, might have saved them a headache. Though safe for swimmers, the sight was no doubt unsettling for athletes as they plunged into the murky green water.

While the adjoining pool used for water polo and synchronized swimming held its blue hue yesterday, that pool is now giving way to the algae as well.

"This just goes to show that even though the water's crystal clear, some invisible issues like algae can rear their ugly head overnight," said pHin pool chemist Christian Ballard. "Algae is typically undetectable to the human eye until the algae spore content reaches approximately 30,000,000 spores in one ounce of water!"

Heat and lack of wind were to blame in this instance, but a properly balanced pool is much less susceptible to algae blooms. With pHin, The Smart Pool Solution officials could have kept their pools perfectly balanced, sat back and enjoyed the competition.

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