Smart Pool Technology Helps Early Adopter Manage His Pool Water

Smart Pool Technology Helps Early Adopter Manage His Pool Water

Technology is making our lives easier, whether it’s household supplies showing up at our doorstep on a schedule or smart home devices helping save energy and provide us with peace of mind. Many pool owners don’t know that smart connectivity can even make pool care easier too.

California homeowner Shannon Jean has been a technology early adopter for years and decided to extend tech to his backyard. He’s always relied on a local pool company to keep the water in his home pool balanced, but he sought another way to take control of his pool care. He heard about pHin, a smart water monitor that helps pool owners monitor and manage their own water care.

“I watched a few videos and testimonials about pHin before I bought it. One day I decided to ‘jump in,’” said Jean. “Because I’ve never taken care of the pool, my main concern was that I didn’t want to screw it up.”

pHin makes pool care easy – the monitor floats in the water 24/7, taking over 1,000 measurements per week. Users can see the status of their water’s pH, sanitizer, and temperature in the pHin App, which also sends them alerts when it needs attention. The system has built-in intelligence – it analyzes the water data to provide an easy-to-understand, color-coded water status. When users get an alert, they can see whether the water is safe for swimming or if it needs attention.

pHin makes water analysis easy to understand and doesn’t stop there – it also gives users exact instructions to balance the pool water for most chemical brands, for saltwater, chlorine, and bromine pools. “In the morning I go out to my pool, and it tells me what to do.”

“I’ve had pHin for about a year and a half, and it works fantastically, and I don’t know anything about pool chemicals,” added Jean.

Customers can choose any chemical brands to use with the pHin system. Jean follows the pHin app on his phone, which tells him exactly what to do for chemical dosage. “When I have had problems or questions, the pHin customer service has been great and they get back to me quickly,” said Jean. “Their customer service isn’t cut-and-paste - it’s a real person that troubleshoots with me.”

 “With the pHin app, the whole pHin system is pretty powerful.”

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