pHin Membership and Chemical Plan Options

Learn About pHin With and Without a Chemical Membership
with chemical plan
Chemical Membership With pHin Pods
Pre-measured, single dose, color-coded pods delivered to your door
4- or 12- Month Membership
Pools (In- or Above-Ground): Chlorine, Salt Above 9,450 Gallons
Hot Tubs (In- or Above-Ground): Bromine
Pools: Chlorine, Shock, pH Increaser, pH Decreaser
Hot Tubs: Bromine, Shock, pH Increaser, pH Decreaser
Your pHin Starter box will arrive with approx. 2 months worth of chemicals with replenishment chemicals sent to you periodically as indicated by your inventory levels in the app
When you sign up for our chemical subscription plan, we'll give you the pHin Smart Monitor for FREE
Smart Monitor, Wireless Bridge, Calibration Kit, Mineral Purifier (where needed), Mobile App, Hardware Warranty, Hardware Upgrades and Chemicals
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without chemical plan
pHin Without Chemical Membership
Purchase your own pool and hot tub chemicals for flexibility
No Chemical Membership
Pools: Chlorine, Salt, Bromine; All Pools of All Sizes
Hot Tubs: Chlorine, Salt, Bromine
Swim Spas: Chlorine, Salt, Bromine
Readings and Recommendations: Any
Specific Dosing Recommendations: hth®, hth Spa™, poolife®, Quantum®, Leisure Time®, Brilliance®, GLB®
$299 for First Year: Smart Monitor, Wireless Bridge, Calibration Kit, Mobile App, Hardware Warranty, Hardware Upgrades
$99/Year Thereafter: Readings and Recommendations, Mobile App, Hardware Warranty, Hardware Upgrades
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Help Select My Plan
chemical membership
4-Month Plan
Ideal if you:
Winterize or drain your pool during cold months
Close or drain your hot tub during hot months
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chemical membership
12-Month Plan
Ideal if you:
Use your pool or hot tub all year
Keep your pool or hot tub open, just not heated or in use, during off season
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no chemicals
pHin Devices
Ideal if you:
Prefer to use your own chemicals
Have a pool or hot tub not supported by pHin's chemical membership
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Q: Why should I get a 12-month (annual) chemical membership if I don’t use my pool/hot tub? A: It will help avoid your water going out of balance. Once it gets out of balance, it’s much harder and more expensive to get it back to where it needs to be. Q: What if I buy a 4-month chemical membership during the pool season and don’t use up all my months? A: Seasonal members that purchase pHin during the pool season can carry over any unused months to the next season. Q: What if I use my pool/hot tub for more than 4 months but less than 12 months? A: If you need more than 4 months, just renew for another 4 months. Use what you need this season, and the rest automatically rolls over to next season.  Questions? Find more answers.
Get Dosing Recommendations When Using pHin With Your Own Chemicals
for pools
Recommendations For All; Specific Dosing For These Chemicals:
GLB®, hth®, Pool Breeze®, poolife®, Quantum®
GLB® Granular Stabilized Chlorinating Concentrate
GLB® pH Down
GLB® pH Up
GLB® Triple Tab® Chlorinating Tablets
GLB® Supersonic
GLB® Oxy-Brite®
GLB® 1" Tablets
GLB® 3" Tablets
GLB® 3" Tablets
GLB® Generation Bromine Disinfectant
GLB® Shoxidizer® Shock Oxidizer
GLB® Super Charge
GLB® Super Charge II
hth® pH Decreaser
hth® pH Increaser
hth® 1" Chlorinating Tablets
hth® 3" Chlorinating Tablets
hth® Super 3" Chlorinating Tablets
hth® Ultimate 3" Chlorinating Tablets
hth® ULTRA 3" Chlorinating Tablets
hth® Shock Treatment
hth® Super Shock Treatment
hth® Ultimate Shock Treatment
hth® ULTRA Complete Shock Treatment
hth® 3-in-1 Chlorinating Skimmer Tablets
hth® Chlorinating Granules
hth® Chlorinating Skimmer Sticks
hth® Extended Skimmer Sticks
hth® Floater
hth® Mineral Brilliance® Chlorinating Granules
hth® pH Minus
hth® pH Plus
hth® Liquid Chlorinator
hth® Shock 'N Swim
hth® Super 60 shock treatment
hth® Super Chlorinating Granules
hth® super shock n' swim
poolife® Instant Clear Cleaning Granules
poolife® MPT Extra™ 3" Chlorinating Tablets
poolife® pH Minus Balancer
poolife® pH Plus Balancer
poolife® Non Chlorine Oxidizer
poolife® TurboShock® Shock Treatment
poolife® 1" Cleaning Tablets
poolife® 3" Cleaning Tablets
poolife® Active Cleaning Caplets
poolife® Brite Stix® Sanitizer
poolife® Bromine +
poolife® Clean Shock®
poolife® Cleaning Sticks
poolife® NST
poolife® Quick Swim Oxidizer
poolife® Rapid Shock®
Pool Breeze®
Pool Breeze® 3" Chlorinating Tablets
Pool Breeze® Chlorinating Sticks
Pool Breeze® Clear Shock
Pool Breeze® Granular 68
Pool Breeze® pH Decreaser
Pool Breeze® pH Increaser
Pool Breeze® Power 73 Shock Treatment
Quantum® 1" Chlorine Tablets (Tri-Chlor)
Quantum® 3" Chlorine Tablets (Tri-Chlor)
Quantum® Granular Chlorine (Di-chlor)
Quantum® pH Down
Quantum® pH Up
Quantum® Q-Shock II (Cal-Hypo) 73% CHC
Quantum® QB-BRITE
Quantum® Sticks
Quantum® Triology Tab
Quantum® Q-Blast (Cal-Hypo)
for hot tubs
Recommendations For All; Specific Dosing For These Chemicals:
Brilliance®, hth Spa™, Leisure Time®
Brilliance® for spas Brominating Granular
Brilliance® for spas Bromo Tabs
Brilliance® for spas Chlorinating Granules
Brilliance® for spas Oxidizer with Mineral Salts
Brilliance® for spas Oxidizing Tablets
Brilliance® for spas pH Decreaser with mineral salts
Brilliance® for spas pH Increaser with mineral salts
Brilliance® for spas Sanitizer
Brilliance® for spas Start-Up
hth Spa™
hth Spa™ Brom-Start
hth Spa™ Brominating Tablets
hth Spa™ Clear Chlorinating Sanitizer
hth Spa™ Chlorinating Sanitizer
hth Spa™ Non-Chlorine Shock Oxidizer
hth® Spa pH Decreaser
hth® Spa pH Increaser
hth Spa® Chlorinating Sanitizer
hth Spa® Shock
Leisure Time®
Leisure Time® Bromating Granular
Leisure Time® Renew Granular
Leisure Time® Spa 56 Chlorinating Granules
Leisure Time® Brom Tabs
Leisure Time® Renew® Tabs
Leisure Time® Sodium Bromide
Leisure Time® Spa Down
Leisure Time® Spa Up

Pool and Hot Tub Same Water

If your pool and hot tub share the same water using the same filter and pump, one pHin will do the job. Just select “Pools” in the cart.

Pool and Hot Tub Different Water

If your pool and hot tub don't share the same water, get 2 pHin Starter boxes: one for your pool and one for your hot tub.


hth®, hth Spa™, poolife®, Leisure Time®, Brilliance® for Spas, Quantum® and GLB® are trademarks of Lonza or its affiliates. Poolife® Exclusive Pool Care Collection is referred to as poolife® here.


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