Spring is Here, Plan At-Home Pool and Hot Tub Fun

Spring is Here, Plan At-Home Pool and Hot Tub Fun

After a long winter, spring is finally here! Whether your hot tub is already open or you’re starting to plan your pool opening, here are some ways to get ahead on fun and relaxation this season from the pHin team:

Choose your Opening Date

Pick a date to open your pool or hot tub and start a fun countdown. Memorial Day weekend is popular for those in the North, but pool owners who already have warm weather may be enjoying their water already.

Make sure you have all the necessary tools to make for a smooth opening. Have a spot to store your pool cover and let it dry completely before folding it to avoid mold from forming. The water level may be low, so use a garden hose to fill it back up to a normal level. Once your water level is adjusted, you need to make sure that the water is safe and ready for swimming. If you need help adjusting the chemicals, see how pHin can help in our three-step guide.

Add Fun with Floaties

Stock up on some new pool floats! You can play games like pool noodle races or use floats that have built-in cupholders for extra relaxation to take lounging to the next level. It’s also time to resurrect and clean any pool toys you have like dive sticks and beach balls – and don’t forget to brush off your outdoor chairs, umbrellas, and lounges.

Plan Water Games

Marco Polo is a classic but it may be time to find some new favorites this year.  Why not Bet on candy or household chores using an inflatable poker table with your family, or challenge them to aqua golf? Good Housekeeping shares a list of summer pool games for inspiration!

Let the Music Play

No poolside or hot tub lounge is complete without a great playlist. Come up with some options for whatever mood you may be in that day! Relaxing in the hot tub after a long day? Throwing a poolside party? The pHin team also has a few go-to playlists you can check out now.

To get the maximum fun, relaxation, and de-stressing that you need from your pool or hot tub, make sure the water’s safe. Chemistry can be confusing, but pHin is here to remove the guesswork. pHin floats in the water and constantly measures the water’s balance. If it goes out of balance pHin sends an alert straight to your smartphone for easy maintenance.

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