Stay Safe in Your Backyard with These 10 Hacks

Stay Safe in Your Backyard with These 10 Hacks

Stay Safe this 4th of July!

The big fourth of July holiday is just around the corner. Here are 10 safety points to keep your family and friends from harm’s way while enjoying America's birthday.

1. Make sure the deck area surrounding your pool is free of all possible obstructions. Tripping and falling are still some of the most common accidental and preventable injuries around the pool.

2. Store hoses and other gardening accessories away from traffic areas.

3. Get pool care accessories like poles, vacuum hoses brushes and nets out of your guests’ sight or hang them on your fence.

4. Remove the swimming pool automatic cleaner during large gatherings as they can break and hoses can tangle with the bathers causing some potentially very dangerous conditions.

5. Disconnect and put away extension cords from the pool.

6. Keep your water clear. Do not allow your guests to swim or dive into a pool where you cannot see the floor of the pool. Extra tip: if the water is cloudy, test the water and adjust all the routine water chemistry. Buy a good quality concentrated water clarifier to polish up the water. The pool may also require a shock treatment. If you are having a pool party, shock, or oxidize, the water at least a day before your guests arrive. Depending on the amount of activity in the pool, you may need to shock, oxidize all the contaminants after use.

7. Keep the pool filter pump running during heavy use to avoid filterable matter buildup and prevent cloudy water.

8. Make sure your pool light and backyard lights work properly to reduce the chance of backyard injuries.

9. Limit alcohol consumption while swimming and enjoying the warm weather.

10. Remove the cover during swim time. Of course, if the cover is used for safety, please observe the little ones while out in the pool yard. 

See you in the backyard! 

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