pHin Product Questions

Do you ship internationally?

At this point we’re focused on the US market only. We have plans to expand internationally, but don’t have a specific timeline that we can commit to yet. Please stay tuned for updates as we get closer to our international launch.

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How does pHin work?

The pHin Smart Monitor floats in your pool or hot tub and monitors your water quality. It communicates with your cell phone via the pHin Mobile App. When you need to add chemicals to your water, the pHin Mobile App will alert you and tell you exactly which chemicals to add and how much. 

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How many chemicals are needed for my pool size?

pHin will ask you questions during the setup process regarding the size of your pool and ship you the chemicals you need. Our subscription is based on a conservative estimate of average residential pools. There are a number of factors that contribute to the amount of chemicals needed to maintain your pool. Size is obviously […]

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