Bromine Hot Tubs

The pHin bromine hot tub protocol is recommended for all hot tubs because it provides the best results when used with pHin. Bromine tablets are added to a floater to provide slow-release sanitization. Sodium bromide is also added to your water to build a reserve which can be released by adding shock when your sanitization levels are too low.

All hot tub protocols will indicate that your water should be changed starting at 4 months. The refill button will turn from blue to orange at 4 months and from orange to red at 6 months. You are free to perform the refill whenever you choose.

Refill Actions / Setup

Refill actions are performed when you first set up pHin and after every hot tub refill ( 4 to 6 months ).

  • Stain & Scale - prevents mineral buildup
  • Bromine Reserve - sodium bromide forms a reserve in your water which can be activated with shock

On Demand Actions

On demand actions are created in response to your water conditions.

  • pH Down
  • pH Up
  • Sanitizer - The bromine hot tub protocol will recommend shock to activate the bromine reserve and sanitizer your water.

Timed Actions

Timed actions are created after a time interval. Some timed actions take things like water temperature into account when choosing a time interval.

  • Timed Sanitizer - You'll be asked to refill your floater with bromine tablets on a regular interval
  • Test Strip - pHin asks customers to perform test strips and scan them in the app in order to keep tabs on slower moving measurements like: total alkalinity, total hardness, & cyanuric acid