Can I add other chemicals besides the ones pHin provides?

If your pool becomes chemically out of balance, for whatever reason, pHin will detect the change and alert you if additional chemicals need to be added to the pool or hot tub in order to bring it back into balance.

The pHin chemical subscription is not meant to be used with chemicals outside of our subscription. The pHin system is calibrated based on the chemicals we ship you. For example, there are different “effective strengths” of chlorine, ranging from 3% all the way up to 95%+, and the amount you need to add varies based on the effective strength you’re using. If you use your own chemicals, pHin won’t know what kind of chemicals you added, nor how much, so it won’t be able to properly guide you in the future.

Please note, however, pHin does not preclude the use of “other chemicals”. There are specific products included in the subscription price – chlorine, shock, pH up, pH down, and a mineral purifier. For particular chemistry issues outside the subscription program, such as phosphates and high or low calcium levels, for example, these issues will still need to be dealt with separately. pHin provides solutions at additional competitive prices and our service provider network program will accommodate any additional chemical needs and additions.