Can I use pHin if my pool or hot tub is out of balance?

For our pHin members who are on our chemical subscription plan, we do not recommend that you use pHin or add the pHin chemical pouches, and suggest that you stay out of your pool until it’s safe to use.

pHin is meant to keep your pool in a balanced and healthy state - and you run the risk of using up your allocated chemical supply if you use the pHin chemical pouches to achieve balance in a pool that hasn't been maintained. 

In order to become pHin-ready, we ask that you either bring a sample of water into your local pool store to see what they recommend or have a pool technician come to your home to provide further assistance.

If you do not have a pool technician, we are happy to assist you in finding one who will provide you with a quote to bring your pool to a balanced state.