Chlorine Pools

The pHin chlorine pool protocol uses two forms of chlorine: slow-release and fast-acting. This protocol also uses a mineral purifier to reduce chlorine use and pool maintenance.

On Demand Actions

On demand actions are created in response to your water conditions.

  • pH Down
  • pH Up
  • Sanitizer – You'll be asked to add DiChlor to perform quick adjustments to your sanitizer levels

Timed Actions

Timed actions are created after a time interval. Some timed actions take things like water temperature into account when choosing a time interval.

  • Timed Sanitizer – You'll be asked to add TriChlor ( sticks or tablets ) to maintain chlorine levels once every 1-2 weeks based on water temperature
  • Shock – You'll be asked to shock your pool once every 1-2 weeks based on water temperature
  • Test Strip – pHin asks customers to perform test strips and scan them in the app in order to keep tabs on slower moving measurements like: total alkalinity, total hardness, & cyanuric acid
  • Mineral Purifier – You'll be asked to install a mineral purifier if your cyanuric acid levels are in range. The purifier lasts for six months before boosters are needed.

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