Description of the types of “Actions” provided in the mobile app

The pHin mobile app will notify you of 3 types of actions...

Required "" Actions
pHin is constantly monitoring your water chemistry 24x7. These actions are created when we have determined that your pool or hot tub chemistry has gone out of balance or to maintain water quality. The action is required to get the water back within a safe and healthy range.

Required "Regularly scheduled" Actions
These timed actions are based on well established maintenance best practices to maintain a well balanced pool/hot tub. These can range from weekly to annual actions, automatically adjusted by season, and/or water temperature. You will be advised to perform these actions on a timed basis, regardless of your current water chemistry, to maintain a well balanced state. These actions could be deferred "Later" if you have residual/undissolved chemicals left or your own circumstances warrant it.

Recommended "We are keeping our eye on" Actions
These "Might need to adjust soon" actions are created when we notice a trend that your water quality may become out of balance but isn't there quite yet. These actions are created to give you a heads up in case you are expecting to be away from home, have an upcoming event, or want to get ahead of the curve and prevent it from moving further out of balance. These actions are not immediately required. They will become Required "" actions once the water has actually moved out of target range.

pHin is streamlining the process of taking care of your water. We have found that our program leads to using fewer chemicals and less work for you. You are welcome to postpone "Later" any action, required or recommended, but you may end up using more chemicals to correct your water’s balance.