Filter Pump Schedule

Your pHin monitor uses your filter pump schedule to ensure that it is measuring water that best represents the state of your entire pool.  This is particularly important for inline pHin monitors where the water in the pipe may have been sitting for some time and differ significantly from the rest of your water.

pHin needs to know if your filter pump is automated by a pool controller that automatically adjusts for daylight savings time so we can ensure we are taking measurements while the pump is actually running. You should select the 'Pump Adjusts for Daylight Savings Time (DST)' if your pump automatically adjusts its runtimes for daylight savings time.

How do I know if my pump automatically adjusts schedules for daylight savings time?

In general there are two kinds of pump timers: mechanical and digital:

  • Mechanical: Most mechanical timers do not automatically adjust for daylight savings time.
  • Digital:  Many digital timers include an optional Daylight Savings Time feature that can be enabled.

If your timer supports a DST feature and you have this option enabled, check the box so pHin will know to change when it measures water based on when your pump schedule will adjust for DST. Additionally, if you manually update your timer clock based on DST, you should also check the box to let pHin know that your pump schedule will change based on daylight savings time.