How to cap-swipe your pHin Monitor

Cap-swiping your pHin Monitor prepares it to receive commands from your mobile device. For example, during setup, winterizing, or preparing a pHin for shipping, the mobile app needs to be able to send commands to the pHin Monitor.

  1. Remove the bottom cap from the monitor by twisting the cap one quarter turn.
  2. There is a magnet inside the tip of the bottom cap, and a magnetic sensor behind the water drop on the pHin Monitor.
  3. Hold the cap vertically, with the tip against the monitor.
  4. Slowly, swipe the cap across the water drop.
  5. When the Cap-Swipe is successful, the light behind the water drop will blink, and the pHin Monitor will be ready to receive commands from the Mobile App


If the Monitor blinks, then you were successful. Otherwise repeat the process above, being certain of the following troubleshooting tips.

  1. Be sure that the round end of the bottom cap is touching the pHin Monitor.
  2. Be sure to orient the cap vertically.
  3. The light should blink immediately, but if you miss that blink, watch for a blink about every 5 seconds.
  4. Try swiping with a refrigerator magnet.