If I have a chemical subscription, will I have to pay for additional chemical pods?

pHin is designed to maintain the health of your pool or hot tub. The pHin monitor measures pH, ORP and temperature. pHin actions are for balancing pH and sanitizer, and all chemicals required to balance those are included in our chemical subscription.

The volume of chemicals allocated to our chemical subscribers is based on the expected amount needed for the average healthy residential pool. We expect that the vast majority (90% or so) of our customers will not need to be charged extra for additional chemicals. If we detect much higher than normal chemical usage, we'll reach out to you to discuss options and potentially identify ways to reduce your chemical consumption.

We try to keep our pricing as affordable as possible so if a pool or hot tub is using much more chemicals than an average pool or hot tub, we need to charge that member a bit more for the extra chemicals.

Existing issues with the overall condition of your pool or hot tub, equipment or water chemistry may cause you to deplete your annual chemical supply prematurely.

In addition, there are a few things that can cause excessive use of pool chemicals other than a very large pool, including:
• A leak in your pool.  If you have an auto-filler, you might not even know that your pool is leaking.  This can be a big contributor to excess chemical usage.
• Lots of evaporation (and subsequent refilling of the pool).
• Heavy rain.
• Lots of swimmers, especially if they are wearing a lot of sunscreen.