Managing Chemical Inventory through the mobile app

One of the powerful features of your pHin mobile app is chemical management. With the pHin mobile app you can manage the inventory of chemicals you use with your pHin system. 

For Complete Pool Care and Complete Hot Tub Care subscribers, pHin keeps a record of the chemicals we sent to you and will deduct from that inventory when you follow the app recommendations.

If the app tells you to add 2 chlorine pouches and you add 2, then it will be deducted from that inventory. If you choose to ignore the message and cancel the recommendation, the inventory number will stay the same.

If you choose to ignore the message, cancel the recommendation, but still add the 2 pouches, we will still think that you have these pouches in your inventory. If this happens more than a couple of times, we will think your inventory is more than it is and therefore not send out chemicals when you need them.

The app provides you with updated inventory numbers based upon what we've sent you and what you've told us you've used. To check or update your inventory, click the Chemicals icon on your pool/hot tub's detail page. We review your on hand inventory against your usage history, upcoming events, and available allotment to determine the optimal replenishment shipments.

For Monitoring Only subscribers, pHin provides you the ability to scan the UPC of the chemical product you are using to manage your water chemistry. If the scanned product is on our supported chemicals list we will provide you detailed dosing instructions based on our analysis of your water's chemistry. The app also allows you to remove or change previously scanned products.