Mobile OS Versions

What OS versions are currently supported?


Generally, pHin supports the last 2 iOS and iPadOS versions, with some overlap to allow folks time to upgrade.  As of January 20, 2021 pHin runs on:

VersionApple Release DatepHin Support
iOS 14September 2020Supported
iOS 13September 2019Supported
iOS 12September 2018Supported
iOS 11September 2017Not Supported
iOS 10September 2016Not Supported
iOS 9September 2015Not Supported



The pHin mobile app can be run on Android 5.0 or higher.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I don’t upgrade my device to a supported OS?

Initially, you will notice no difference.   You will not be able to instal new updates, but otherwise the pHin app will continue to function normally.  However, at some point there will be a  “mandatory upgrade” that causes old versions to stop working (most often due to a change in how our back end systems work that causes the old version to no longer be compatible).  At that point, your mobile app won’t be able to access the pHin servers anymore (and you won’t be able to see any data within the app).  

Why doesn’t pHin support older OS versions?

In general, the number one issue preventing support of older operating systems are third party libraries we use in the pHin app.  These libraries tend to end support for older OS versions faster than we otherwise might.  In order to keep pulling in library updates (including security fixes), we need to continue to use the newest versions of those libraries.   While we don’t like ending support for older OS versions and devices, we also cannot put our customer’s data at risk.

How can I update my device to a newer OS version?

What if my device cannot be upgraded to a supported OS version?

Unfortunately, you will need to acquire a new device capable of running a supported OS version.