The pHin Alexa Skill

With Amazon Alexa, you can now check on the status of your pool or hot tub. Use your Alexa enabled device to know whether your hot tub is ready for you to get in, or whether your pool is safe to swim in. The pHin Alexa skill requires "account linking" in order to check on the status of your pool or hot tub. This article will walk you through the short setup process.

#1: Linking your pHin account to the Alexa Skill

Using the Alexa Assistant app on your iOS or Android device, navigate to "Skills & Games". Once there, use the magnifying glass to search for "pHin" and tap the skill to see details about the pHin skill. Next, select "Link Account" and enter your pHin email address or phone number. You will be sent a one-time passcode. Enter the passcode and click "Approve" in order to authorize Alexa to read information about your pool status.Alexa Account Linking flow

Now you are ready to use the pHin Alexa skill.

#2: Using the Skill

Currently, the pHin Alexa skill supports the ability to check on your water temperature and the overall health of your pool or hot tub, including any actions you may need to take. If you have a pool and a hot tub, it will tell you the status of each.

You can do this by saying:

"Alexa, ask my water monitor what the temperature of my hot tub is?"
"Alexa, ask my water monitor if my pool is safe to swim in?"
"Alexa, ask my water monitor if my hot tub is cold?"
"Alexa, ask my water monitor how my pool is?"

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