pHin Bridge Cannot Access the Internet

This article includes tips for correcting Bridge Cannot Access the Internet issues found by the Mobile App Troubleshooting Tool.

The pHin Bridge sends water samples from your pHin Monitor to the pHin Cloud using your WiFi. Sometimes the Bridge can send samples to your WiFi router, but the samples don’t reach the pHin Cloud.

The most common reason for this is a problem with your home’s internet connection. These may be temporary, such as an outage with your service provider, or long lasting, like a configuration problem with your WiFi Router.

First, check that other devices, such as a phone or computer, can reach the internet through your WiFi. If they cannot, then you will need to correct that problem first.

If other devices can reach the internet over your WiFi, then your router settings may be preventing the Bridge from reaching the internet. Check your router’s security settings.

If none of the above steps resolve the problem, the Bridge may have been connected to the wrong WiFi. Reset Bridge Instructions

Rerun troubleshooting in the pHin Mobile App to verify that the problem has been fixed.